inner magic

If I had just one wish

It would be to rewind the time,

To once again,  have another chance

To take control of my life.

It’s hard to pinpoint now

Just where I lost control;

Where the steering wheel slipped and the tire ripped

And I dove into a forward roll.

My flesh has become my prison,

My food the key to my chains,

Cold and dead they hold me

And keep me from battling again.

It’s a warring of the mind

As I seek out my escape;

I need no gun to carry on

Only the will to make a change.

But it’s light grows ever dimmer

With each passing year

As my hope grows even slimmer

And my spirit is shorn and sheered.

But today I take my stand,

Even as my shoulders cower and bend,

And I proclaim my freedom

Just above a whispered breath.

I don’t have any faith

That I will ever escape this place.

All I know, with withering hope,

Is I will die if I remain.


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