Day 2

Woke up this morning to a son with a severe fever. He was so hot to the touch, I immediately gave him some children’s advil. It hit so suddenly. My son is 8 years old and just yesterday we were throwing the football around and this morning, he’s in tears because he’s feeling so bad. In the past he has been prone to catching pneumonia, so I am on high alert every time he gets any kind of a cold. He has been hospitalize 4 times. It’s crazy because he’s a super active kid, playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. He’s mad the all star team 3 times and his team has made it into the championship a few times. Still for whatever reason, his lungs can’t seem to handle the simplest cold. The fever was at 102 an hour after the medicine so to the doctor we went and he was officially tested for the flu and yes, he had it. My poor son, he’s been laying on the couch all day, which of course is the perfect day for me, but for him, it’s torture at its finest. As soon as he nods off, I’m planning to hit the treadmill. Before the doctor visit I had a yogurt, for lunch lentil soup and after shopping for orange juice and other healthy fruits and vegetables (my husband was home to watch him while I did this) I came home starving, quickly whipped up a salad with Asian dressing, (totally combed the salad dressing aisle for about an hour, I am not typically a salad person) and toasted some bread and cheese in the oven (a snack my son wanted alongside his soup and I can’t resist the smell.) According to ‘fitness pal’ I’m 60 calories over my daily allotment due to the high fat cheese. Oh well, I’ll get in a run tonight to make up for it. Problem is I’m still hungry, maybe I’m not, but it’s taking every ounce of willpower not to raid the kitchen for junk. I can do this, I can do this, I’ll let you know tomorrow if I actually can do this. Why can’t this be easier???


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