Day 1

Finally,  started.  I did good yesterday, until the new year’s party.  Not much food,  but every drink in the world was thrown at me. Usually I’m game for some mixed drink cocktails and by some, I mean I’ll take mine in a mop bucket just to save time. But last night, I nursed my drink to keep the cup in my hand, but still,  according to my family (mostly my niece who’s not much younger than me) I just HAD to try every concoction. The wine cupcakes didn’t help either. But today, so far so good. I woke up late,  way late and started with some yogurt. Took a slow 4 mile run on the treadmill that usually doubles as an excellent coat rack by the way. I have it set up so I can watch my guilty pleasure (Gilmore Girls), one episode is just enough time. I then ate a dinner of peas and carrots,  rice and oven baked tilapia filets. I am stuffed and excited about my new journey. Day one down,  a lifetime to go.


inner magic

If I had just one wish

It would be to rewind the time,

To once again,  have another chance

To take control of my life.

It’s hard to pinpoint now

Just where I lost control;

Where the steering wheel slipped and the tire ripped

And I dove into a forward roll.

My flesh has become my prison,

My food the key to my chains,

Cold and dead they hold me

And keep me from battling again.

It’s a warring of the mind

As I seek out my escape;

I need no gun to carry on

Only the will to make a change.

But it’s light grows ever dimmer

With each passing year

As my hope grows even slimmer

And my spirit is shorn and sheered.

But today I take my stand,

Even as my shoulders cower and bend,

And I proclaim my freedom

Just above a whispered breath.

I don’t have any faith

That I will ever escape this place.

All I know, with withering hope,

Is I will die if I remain.